Logan Dandridge is an experimental filmmaker from Richmond, Virginia, USA. He is concerned with the relationships between the precarious nature of memory, sacred music, self-making and diaspora.

His films mine personal and subjective histories, using assemblage to bring together found images, archival photos, poetry, spoken word, music and rhythm, layering these composites into new and powerful moving-image works. Previous films have connected inspiration from Rickey Laurentiis' poem 'Southern Gothic' with the rusted Ford pickup at Logan's late-grandfather's house.


This event provides a chance to see and discuss new work-in-progress that Logan has been developing through the course of his year-long Fellowship with Cavendish Arts Science.

'My films help me articulate ideas that look forward and backward, they’re chopped and screwed, they breathe in history and exhale fiction, they dance through time and space.' Logan Dandridge

Cavendish Arts Science creates new encounters between art and science that help us to examine the world and our place within it through the creation of new artistic work. Logan is the first artist to be selected for the Cavendish Arts Science Fellowship at Girton College. More information about the programme and other future events and activities can be found on our website.

This event is organised with the kind co-operation of Gallerie V, Cambridge.

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