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Girl with dove
Oil on canvas (2021)

Resident Artist at GALLERIE V

Vienna is our resident artist.
She is currently 16 years old and an avid painter based in Cambridge. 

She's had her work both published and commissioned. She likes to work in oil paint and graphite. Vienna has had an intense passion for art since she was a toddler, and to this day she loves experimenting with many different styles. 

Her work has been published twice with high merits in Celebrating Art (in the USA), she was a semifinalist twice in King House Gallery's online exhibition and competition, and she has done many portraits as of late. 

Vienna also won the 'Young Talent Award' this year for the artists' lounge, at King House Gallery.

Vienna has a love and appreciation for old masters' work and hopes to incorporate those ideas into her contemporary paintings.



Study of Pope Innocent X by Velazquez
Oil on canvas (2021)

Pax Zhang is 13 years old and he lives in Cambridge. He is new to painting but hopes to learn more in the future.


Rhaeadr Mynach/Devil's Bridge Falls
Acrylic on canvas 17 x 20 cm (2018)

Colour study of Rhaeadr Mynach/Devil's Bridge Falls in Pontarfynach, Wales on my weekly mountain bike trip. 


Giclée archival photographic prints,
each 24 x 34 cm 

Residues is a work with sentimentality at the core of its narrative; a not so uncommon story of a family collection turned out by those to whom the preserved memories were entrusted. The humble flower is the sole visual focal point of the work. When cut from the stem the ageing process of the flower rapidly increases and cannot be stopped, only slowed by placing its stiff green stalks into water. It is this undeniable temporality that makes the flower most inspiring and like the flower, humans follow the same cycle of growth and decline once cut from the umbilical cord of the mother. We both share in reproductive systems, have skin prone to hardening and cracking and we both require love and attention in order to thrive.




What are your eyes telling?
Acrylic paint, soap bubbles, watercolour, 340 Wiggly eyes on Canvas,
79.50 x 100 cm

Oil on Canvas, 170x130 cm

I created a character “Purple Girl” that is the focus of my current artworks. I represent her in different situations and themes as love, innocence, childhood and magic mixed with darkness, loneliness, sadness, confusion and loss creating a contrast between dark and light.

While doing this painting I understood it was about being lost, trapped in scary thoughts and being lonely but that inside of each darkness there’s brightness and life (pink slimy thing, butterflies and mushrooms). The girl is having trouble dealing with certain situations so she just pulls her head off because her head is heavy, she’s feeling overwhelmed. From inside her comes out a ghost, maybe it is just how she feels inside. She wants to find the solution to stop thinking this way.
Her shoes are tied together, and with the trees behind her she can’t go anywhere



Please do not bend
Acrylic paint on recycled envelope 16 x 23cm

Acrylic paint on recycled envelope 23 x 32cm 

This series is inspired by the romanisation of toxic relationships and heartbreak. 

Zoe Firth is a 21-year-old, self-taught traditional artist and digital media student. Her work is created using acrylic paint and recycled materials such as cardboard and envelopes. Her style consists of dry-brushing to build up layers of paint and colour, creating intense texture and detail. Zoe’s work is inspired by her real-life experiences and artistic content consumption.



Barcelona walkers 
watercolour on paper, 21.0 x 29.7 cm

Leti painted this while living in Barcelona, she explores the characters she comes across in a video she took earlier that day in Carrer de la Portaferrisa.
This work especially means a lot to Leti because she sold prints of it following her friend Finn’s suicide to raise money for CALM, the men’s mental health charity.



Pearl of the Orient
Watercolour on paper, 29.7 x 42 cm

I am currently studying BA in Fine Art. I am very passionate about art and like to explore different topics and areas of art. I specifically like using watercolours and I try to find new ways to incorporate them into works. 

This particular painting displays an example of two point perspectives in nature. This location is a junction near my house in Goa, India. I found it interesting how the browns of the worn out buildings complimented the greens of the trees and the blues of a cloudy day. 



Break Free
Photography 29.7 x 42 cm

Photography 29.7 x 42 cm

Atul Krishan love photography and editing. Atul is self-taught and is very passionate about learning more about my craft. he saw this young boy selling belts while he was doing some street photography.

The uncertainty and anticipation looming in this young boy’s eyes is what made him take this picture. Atul wondered what he is thinking.
Location: Trivandrum, Kerala, India 03/12/2020

Break free is a picture of the freedom, satisfaction and happiness that one experiences when riding a motorcycle.
Location: Trivandrum, Kerala, India 09/03/2020



Roots I
Hard ground etching on khadi paper,
15.5 x 11cm,

Roots II
Hard ground etching on khadi paper,
15.5 x 11cm,

Having graduated in Fine Art from City and Guilds of London Art School, I paint a reunion of the horror and beauty of our materiality. In the balance of origin and decay, the works are delicate and ethereal, within this unsettling subject. Growing up in the isolated countryside of The Fen, my childhood fascination with beauty and fear of nature has translated into my practise today. Despite the work not being recognisably personal, all the imagery and ideas of decay, beauty and longing come from memory and experience of a lost natural paradise. I have always been attracted to the ethereal and earthliness of renaissance art. Intentionally I play with this style to explore a timelessness in my work.



Mini CHUO Reef Collection
Hand-cut paper, spray paint, canvas
21.3 x 21.3 cm each framed artwork (2021)

JR CHUO is a contemporary paper cut and spray paint artist based in the UK, who cuts all of his designs by hand, creating intricate paper artworks.

Alongside his paper cutting, CHUO is studying for his degree in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Cambridge. Although CHUO is only 19 years old, he has been paper cutting for over six years, during which time he has sought to continually perfect his art form. Despite the precise nature of his work, CHUO’s designs radiate organic warmth, containing a myriad of fascinating leading lines and shapes that capture the viewer’s attention. Each individual paper-cut shape is unique and hundreds, sometimes thousands, of these shapes work together in harmony to form large seamless designs.

One of the central ideas behind CHUO’s work is the notion of façades in society that conceal brutal realities. CHUO takes inspiration from the organised nature of urban subway maps and the simplification of metropolitan areas, which dissimulate the complexity of the areas they represent. He believes this concept is present in the way our societies and governments oversimplify narratives that deal with the environment and inequality. Many of his artworks are named after Japanese subway stations and lines.

CHUO also explores the impacts of climate change on coral reefs, juxtaposing this message with the vibrant colours that he uses in his work.

His artistic process is labour-intensive, requiring deep focus on the present moment. Cutting all of his designs by hand, one small paper cut piece usually takes several weeks to complete. CHUO uses his completed paper cut pieces to create a wide range of work, from spray paintings to digital versions of his designs, which are cut by hand to create further intricate three dimensional artworks. Thus, each individual paper cut piece generates a wide array of possibilities for CHUO to experiment with.

The patterns found in CHUO’s pieces are largely inspired by organic forms found in coral reefs and his bright colour palette takes inspiration from the striking colours emitted by certain corals before they are bleached by warming ocean temperatures as a result of climate change. CHUO aims to capture the ‘tragic beauty’ of dying corals in his work, by creating striking designs, often using fluorescent colours to draw attention to the intricacy of the artworks. However, he hopes that viewers feel optimistic when looking at his vibrant work and that his pieces encourage an appreciation for the beauty of corals and the versatility of paper.




Blessed Ksenia of Saint Petersburg
Oil on board, 11" x 14"

The artwork is a multifaceted exploration of identity. Natalia is native to Saint Petersburg, Russia, and used this painting as an opportunity to explore the life and spiritual message of Ksenia, a patron saint of my home city — in a sense, this painting is also an ode to her own national identity. Ksenia lived during the 18th century, and she is known for the fact that she dedicated her life to helping others after facing a great personal loss.

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